About Us

Navy Leaf Co. started out with creating punny cards using sharpies for my husband and *attempting* to sell them on Etsy. I think I sold 2 in 2 years (ha!). I picked up a watercolor set in my attempt to make prettier greeting cards, and I haven't stopped painting and learning since. Being originally from Kentucky, I have a special love for all things bourbon which is why Navy Leaf Co. has an emphasis on bourbon prints and products. 




      It's so much fun for me to create products  for the bourbon lovers out there (including myself and my husband!). But I also have a special love for food. When I plan a trip, I already have most of the restaurants I want to visit picked out before we leave. Please tell me I'm not alone in that! So I also love to create food art and products that are add a modern and chic emphasis in your kitchen.


I love hearing how you styled Navy Leaf Co. products in your home, so please don't hesitate to share by tagging Navy Leaf Co. on social media!

For wholesale, please visit https://navyleafco.faire.com.